The Columbus Airport Commission’s fixed base operator (FBO): FLIGHTWAYS COLUMBUS

We provide general aviation Avgas, Jet A fuel, services, and facilities for based and transient aircraft and their associated crews and passengers. These aircraft range from vintage biplanes to sleek corporate jets.

From your front door to your destination is Flightways Columbus, designed to deliver a truly unforgettable & unique level of service for private & corporate aviation customers.

Columbus Airport is owned and operated by the Columbus Airport Commission

The Columbus Airport originally began as a facility to provide airmail service to the Columbus, Georgia area. Currently, the airport services commercial and a large percentage of general aviation traffic.

The Columbus Airport Commission was created by State law on April 9, 1968 to oversee the development of the airport and its facilities. The Commission is composed of five (5) members, appointed by the City Council. On August 1st, 2009 the Columbus Airport Commission bought the FBO, now operationally known as Flightways Columbus.

For more information on the Columbus Airport Commission, or the Columbus Airport’s Mission, Vision, and Values please visit:


Cody Davenport

FBO Manager

Darryl Graham

Line Supervisor

Karlynn Spivey

CSR Supervisor


WE ARE HIRING!! We are looking for Customer Service Representatives for Flightways Columbus. An FBO Customer Service position requires an individual who excels in a fast-paced environment, works well in a team setting and is customer service driven allowing them to interact professionally and courteously with all pilots, crew, and passengers. For more information or to apply, click on this link: service representative-flightways columbus